Some people think that databases are boring and bland. I disagree. I think that getting data, storing it in a database, and then rendering it how you want– I think that is the most exciting thing in the world!

Microsoft SQL Server Although I started my career with Microsoft Access, I quickly realized that most datasets are too large for Access. Twenty years ago, Access didn’t have Data Macros. But SQL Server has always supported triggers. Ten years ago, it was impossible to run Microsoft Access across a VPN, Wireless or WAN without corrupting data. I’m not saying that every database transaction NEEDS to run over a wireless connection.. I’m just saying it’s awfully convenient to be able to manage a remote Microsoft SQL Server instance without using Remote Desktop.
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL is my 2nd favorite database for a lot of reasons. The ability to build custom extensions is but one feature that I love.
mySQL mySQL is a great database for some solutions. mySQL is the database behind WordPress and countless other open source software. I like the flexibility that mySQL provides.. but I just think that from a data integrity standpoint, I think that Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL are a lot better.
Microsoft Access Access can be a decent tool for some use cases. It can connect to other database with ODBC, and I’m not sure that many other databases can do that. I would prefer Microsoft SQL Server for almost every practical implementation. A lot of people advocate using Microsoft Access with Remote Desktop or Citrix solutions. I don’t like that architecture, because CALs for this type of activity are REALLY expensive.
Microsoft Excel Some people say that Excel isn’t a database. They are wrong. Excel is the worlds most popular database by a factor of about 10:1.
Hadoop This is a great piece of software, but it has a lot of moving pieces. Do you want to see Hadoop in action? Let’s do lunch, and talk it over!