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Welcome to ExpandingData.com!

What does ‘expanding data’ mean? Why are we here?

I use this site to describe my experiences with Data, Databases and Consulting in the Database Industry for the last 20 years. I have a lot of opinions about database design.. but this site isn’t my personal blog. If you want to see the ‘Good Old Aaron’ then go to AaronKempf.com

From what I have seen, Data is nearly ALWAYS growing exponentially in size, complexity and importance. Recently I found a quote that is really similar to describing my concept for this business:

Data has grown exponentially in size, complexity, and cost, all with escalating security and privacy concerns. IT teams are forced to limit data access and availability because moving, copying, and securing large amounts of data is simply too cumbersome and costly. Yet those that are driving speed in DevOps, cloud, and other initiatives need data to be everywhere and available on-demand. There’s a very real tension that exists when constraints on data prevent people from meeting the ever-growing demands of the business. And this problem is growing by the second.


I hope that you take the time to stick around.. Enjoy the articles and ideas that I share.

If you need to talk over a problem with your database, go ahead and CONTACT me for a great discussion!